Sunday, August 1, 2010

Experimental Review Introduction

This is a blog crafted in order to allow for writers of experimental, surreal, absurd, bizarre, and any other genre that does not have a lot of publicity, to post their writings and receive critiques in exchange for critiques. If you would like your story/poem/chapter/etc to be posted and reviewed, send them in a message (no attachments) to along with any specific criteria you wish to be critiqued over.

Some rules for critiquing:

1. Be constructive and elaborate. Experimental writing needs more attention when critiqued due to its challenging nature. Be sure to offer all you can.

2. We will be playing the critique-for-critique system. If someone critiques your work be sure to critique theirs in return.

3. Once again, be constructive! No 'this sucks' or 'I liked it'. We want strong critiques so that our writing will develop.

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